Planter Box Waterproofing


Is your planter box leaking ?


A leaking planter box can not only be unsightly but will eventually deteriorate the structure causing concrete cancer to the substrate, water ingress problems can occur when planter boxes are built adjacent to a building’s structure.

Many leaking planter boxes are caused by problems such as ;

– Failed waterproof membrane

– Plant roots

– Insufficient drainage

– Structural movement

– Insufficient membrane protection


Water Ingress SolutionsĀ will propose to install a high performance, long life, permanently flexible waterproof membrane able to withstand acid sulphate soils.


SomeĀ further planter box waterproofing elements to consider ;

– Suitable waterproof membrane

– correct waterproof membrane installation

– Waterproof membrane protection

– Soil drainage system

– falls to substrate


Recent planter box works

Planter box waterproofing
Planter box waterproofing


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