Rising damp solutions


Rising damp is the most common cause of dampness found in buildings, it moves vertically upwards in a capillary action through the pores of the masonry carrying hydroscopic ground salts to the surface, eventually causing aesthetic damage such as ;

– mould

– Paint blistering

– Timber rot

– Plasterboard deterioration

– Tide marks


If left untreated can cause :


– Mortar deterioration

– Brick deterioration

– Timber rot

– Structural damage

– Dampness

– Allergies

– Asthma

– Musty smell


The main causes of rising damp are ;


– Damaged damp proof course (building movement)

– Bridging of the damp proof course

– Building design

– Inadequate sub floor ventilation

– Poor Drainage


Water Ingress Solutions offers a complete fast and effective, non toxic, injection system for all rising damp problems.


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