At Water Ingress Solutions we believe that a key component in maintaining a building’s structure is for it to remain watertight. We are a team of experienced qualified tradespeople who offer a complete range of remedial and new waterproofing installation systems.


Water Ingress Solutions uses a variety of quality class 111 waterproofing membranes and epoxies, every detail is carefully considered in regards to what type of materials and installation method is required to ensure the durability and longevity of every internal and external project.


Some things Water Ingress Solutions considers, when choosing a suitable waterproof membrane:


– Building design.

– Expected movement along substrate joints.

– Exposure to cleaning chemicals.

– Immersion durability.

– Substrate penetrations.

– Shear movement.

– Thermal movement.

– UVR Degradation.


When required for council approval, all new dwellings that have a waterproofing system installed, and comply with Australian standards AS2740 and AS4654, will be issued with a completed and signed form 16 inspection certificate.


Remedial waterproofing


Water Ingress Solutions has an extensive knowledge with remedial waterproofing, unfortunately leaks are a common problem and require skilled tradesmen to be meticulous with their work.

Leaks often start slowly, initially only appearing cosmetic, but eventually damaging a buildings structure.

Water Ingress Solutions likes to diagnose the problem first, sometimes a full water ingress investigation and report is required to avoid costly assumptions.


We specialise in these areas