Retaining Wall Waterproofing


The waterproofing of a retaining wall is a critical part in maintaing the building’s structural integrity.

Water Ingress Solutions will propose to install a high performance, long life, permanently flexible waterproof membrane able to withstand acid sulphate soils.

When carrying out retaining wall waterproofing works the slab / wall junction is a key area that should only be detailed by an experienced qualified waterproofing contractor.

Once the retaining wall is backfilled this area can later be exposed to rising ground water creating hydrostatic pressure against the foundation structure, tree roots and soil contamination can also contribute to waterproof membrane failure.


Some retaining wall waterproofing elements to consider :


– Suitable waterproof membrane

– Correct waterproof membrane installation

– Waterproof membrane protection

– Sub soil drainage systems

– correct soil grading


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