Our speciality at Water Ingress Solutions is to investigate and diagnose all water intrusion and leaks into habitable spaces.


Signs of a water leak


  • Staining on plasterboard.
  • Peeling and blistering of paint.
  • Cracks in wall lining.
  • Efflorescence to facade, tiles or balconies.
  • Rotten timbers.
  • Rust spots on concrete.
  • Damp carpet.
  • Mould
  • Musty odours.


What is involved in a typical investigation?


Firstly we start with a visual inspection of the interior water damage. This is followed by a visual review all relevant exterior areas. It might be necessary to carry out intrusive works; this might include the removal of small sections of plasterboard.


Our preferred method of practice to determine the source of the leak is to conduct numerous water tests to the buildings exterior. Once we have identified the ingress point a full report of all findings including photographic evidence and rectification procedures will be given.


Removal of plasterboard to water ingress area.
Removal of plasterboard to water ingress area.
Evidence of water ingress
Evidence of water ingress